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TDS control for steam boiler

Application and function

The quality of the boiler water has a direct influence on the efficiency of your system. During operation, the substances bound in the boiler water increase. In order to prevent the negative consequences (foaming, deposits) of excessively high TDS content in the boiler water, specified limit values must not be exceeded.

With the aid of a TDS control valve, boiler water with concen- trated content is removed and replaced with clean water. If the limit values are exceeded, the TDS limitation ensures prompt shut-off of the burner.

IGEMA offers simple but effective systems for 2-point conductivity control up to 15 or up to 32 bar, as well as systems for continuous control. The electrode EL22 with t-piece is used for measuring inside a boiler. Inside the pipeline, the EL18 with block flange measures the conductivity.


System components / options

Schema Absalzung

Available (optional) versions

Conductivity probe EL23 (80bar) with protective tube for vertical installation in the steam boiler

Technical data