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Remote level gauge type G

200 bar

Application and function

The remote level gauge type G can be used for every steam generator according to TRD 401 except continuous steam generators. The geodetic pressure difference of two water columns is transferred to a blue separating liquid in the remote level gauge. This liquid is not soluble in water and non-toxid. The height of the display column of liquid is the water level in the steam drum at a scale of 1: 1 or a reduced scale again.

The product corresponds to the PED directive 2014/68/EU Art. 4 Abs 3 (Sound Engineering Practice). Applied rules as per TRD/AD2000 or ASME-Boilers.

Technical basic equipment

  • Body material stainless steel
  • Sight length see table
  • Illumination device IP67
  • Shutoff valves type HA300, HA310 and HA320
  • Indicator valves type AF410 and 411