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Shutoff valve type A140-CS

120 bar, Einzelabsperrung

Application and function

Shut-off valves are used to shut off the indicator safely to the Vessel/Steam Boiler. Shut-off valves are suitable for the whole product range of Reflex-, Transparent- and Bi-Colour Gauges up to PS 120 bar. Single Shut-off valve are actuated with quick closing spindle with hand lever. The Vavle is equipped with self-closing ball for automatic shut off.

Technical basic equipment

  • Valve Body in Carbon Steel
  • Internal parts in Stainless steel
  • Hand Lever (Aluminium) with quick closing spindle (1/3 rotation)
  • Process Connection DN20/DN25
  • With self-closing ball
  • Back seat for easing gland packing

Available (optional) versions

  • Lever for remote control (eg. by chainwheel)
  • Specific process connections