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solids in the boiler

Flushing of solide

Application and function

During operation, solids settle on the bottom of the boiler. By briefly opening a valve with a large cross-section, a suction is generated at the bottom of the boiler, which drains the sludge.

To ensure a proper functioning of your system, we recommend to us the IGEMA blow-down valves KAV1 R1-N and KAV2 R1-N. While the KAV1 is designed for manual operation and control, the KAV2 is equipped with a pneumatic actuator (diaphragm) and a program-controlled solenoid valve.

Technical basic equipment

KAV1 R1-N Blow-down valve with handlever.; A later equipment with pneumatic actuator is possible without problems.

KAV2 R1-N Blow-down valve with pneumatic actuator for automatic blowing down in connection with the program-controlled IGEMA magnetic valve type PGM


System components / options

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