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E-STM 100

Steam trap for large engines

Application and function

The high-performance steam trap is used to drain the intake air of large engines, which are used primarily in ships. Such engines usually accumulate large amounts of condensate that needs to be reliably discharged.

Discharging the condensate is regulated by using two probes. When reaching the upper switching point, the pneumatic magnetic valve opens automatically. When the lower switching point is reached, it closes again. The sensor distances can be set as required depending on the accumulated condensate. The sensitivity of the sensors is adjustable, also during ongoing operation.



  • Very precise, electronic measurement
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity, also during operation
    (adjusting screw)
  • Steam trap is dirt resistant
  • Easy to open / clean

Technical basic equipment

  • Body made of stainless steel
  • 2 × capacitive probes
  • Pneumatic solenoid valve with ball valve
  • Process connection PN40 DN32
  • Process connection solenoid valve G1 „ / BSP
  • Control box made of aluminum, powder-coated

Available (optional) versions

  • Different process connection
  • Version for Hazardous Area / Explosion proof :
    solenoid valve, switch box, measuring probes
    (with Ex approval available)
    ll 3G Ex ic llC T6 Gc
    ll 3D Ex ic lllC T98°Dc


Technical data


Design pressure PS = 8bar
Medium temperature  -40° C ... +140°C
Rated input voltage 24V DC ± 10% ED 100%
Power 5,5W
Process connection FlangePN40 DN32
Pneumatic pressure 2–10bar
Ambient temperature -20° C <Tamb. < 70° C