IGEMA – Measurement and control systems

reliable. safe. efficient

Measurement and control systems have been developed, produced and installed worldwide for over 100 years with the IGEMA trademark.

We offer you a complete range of technologies and products for the safe and economical operation of your plant. In particular in the steam and condensate sector. We take care of both the modernisation of steam boilers, that are equipped withmature mechanical technology, and of new plants that operate with innovative, future-orientated electronic solutions.

IGEMA products are used everywhere where steam energy is generated and processed for industrial manufacture. Our strength lies in the area of installations with high pressures and temperatures.

Among our clientele are both original equipment manufacturers from the plant construction industry, planning companies and also operators of steam boilers in a variety of different sectors such as e.g.: power stations, refineries, chemical companies, paper mills, food manufacturers, sugar producers, tyre manufacturers, shipping companies, breweries, hospitals.