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Protective LED tube light

lighting device

This LED lighting device is part of the level indicator product range. The water level in a steam and waterroom is made visible by backlighting. The strong, directed light of Igema LED lights is focused on the viewing area of the level indicators. This guarantees optimum illumination of the steam and water room with minimum sideways dazzle.

Areas of use are:

  • Transparent indicators of glass and glass mica types
  • Transparent indicators of mica and black and white mica types
  • Type G remote indicators

Application and function

The lighting devices of Igema's level indicators have been equipped with innovative LED technology. Its use offers a number of advantages: they are very long-lasting, robust, insensitive to vibrations and consume little energy. The rational use of efficient, energy-saving light sources pays its way for the user and protects the environment.

This LED lighting has been developed specially for use in high ambient temperatures. In order to ensure along operating life in these extreme conditions of use, only hightemperature-resistant materials and components are used.

Technical basic equipment

There are three different light tube lengths used depending on the viewing length. Light tubes of different powerlevels are used depending on the thickness of the mica wafers so as to provide the best possible illumination of the viewing area. You will find a summary of all the types of lighting in the tables on Page 2.