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Primary element type MRK110-S and 110-W

Application examples:

1.          Continuous liquid level control inconnection with an IGEMA
              magnetic level gauge and a standard controller.

2.          Remote liquid level indication inconnection with an IGEMA
              magnetic level gauge and an indicating instrument(LED).

3.          Switching of freely selectable limitvalues in connection with
              a limit  valueswitch.

4.          Combination from the cases of application1 - 3.

Application and function

Theprimary element is used as liquid level measuring device for IGEMA magneticlevel gauges. A float with integrated magnetic system is used in all IGEMAmagnetic level gauges.  This floattransfers the liquid level without direct contact to the primary element fixedon the outside of the standpipe.
The magnetic system actuates in the sensor pipe a resistance measurement chainthat corresponds to a 3-wire potentiometer circuit.

Theproduced measuring voltage is proportionally to the liquid level and it isquasi-continuously due to the sensitive resolution of the measurement chain.

Technical advantages:

Thesimple working operating principle allows an enormous range of application.

  • Constantregistration of the liquid level independent of physical-chemical change of themedium state like frothing, conductivity, dielectric, pressure, temperature,condensate precipitation.
  • Signaltransmission over long distances.
  • Simpleassembly and commissioning, singular adjustment, no

       re-calibration required

Available (optional) versions


Forprimary elements type MRK 110-W the resistance signal is made and can beconverted into a level signal by a downstream control like e.g. a PLC.


The primary elements type MRK 110-Shave an integrated measuring transducer. This measuring transducer converts theresistance signal of the sensor into a continuous 4 - 20 mA current signal.