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Flap indicator type AL_-G

for magnetic level gauge

Application and function

    The flap indicator serves as indicating medium for the magnetic level gauge. It consists of anodized special section made of aluminium with movable stainless steel flaps. The flaps are protected against dust and spray water by a glass plate. The flaps (height = 10 mm) are painted white on one side and red on the other side. The red side of the flaps indicates the level. The indicating ledge can be turned into any direction as far as the process connection studs allow.


Type AL1-G with 0-mark and indication "float defect" (Schwimmer defekt) (fig. 1)

Type AL2-G with 0-mark (fig. 2)

Type AL3-G without 0-mark (if total sight length E > 2600 mm) (fig. 3)

  • The flap indicator is also available with anti frost device.
  • Insulation should only be done with approval of IGEMA.