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Illuminating device LEDSecure SOL

Illuminating device Bicolour level gauge type green-red

This LED lighting device is part of the level indicator product range. The water level in a steam and water room is made visible by backlighting. The strong, directed light of Igema LED lights is focused on the viewing area of the level indicators.

Area of application:

  • Bicolour level gauge type CD green-red
  • Bicolour level gauge type BU green-red

Application and function

The LEDSecure SOL lighting equipment serves for generating the green and red light phases that are necessary to enable the colour differentiation between liquid and gas on the red-green type bicolour level gauge.

Specially developed for this purpose, it is well suited to the thermal and physical requirements.

The strong directional light of the IGEMA LED lighting is optimally focused on the display area of the fill level indicator. This achieves the maximum illumination of the steam and water space, which leads to a clear and unambiguous separation of the two phases on the visible side of the gauge.