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Display unit DU-x

Display for EWLI-3

Application and function

The display unit DU-3 for the electronic remote indicator (EWLI-3) is for the remote display of the fill level measured by the EWLI-3.

The DU-3 receives its data via the CAN bus (system) via which the 24V supply (when using up to 3 DU-3s) is also possible.

The DU-3 displays the system status via 3 system LEDs. Further LEDs display the status of the probes.

Each probe of the recording module is displayed green or red in the LED illuminated display depending on status (water/steam). The number of the top currently submerged probe is displayed as fill level information in the 2x7 segment.

This also enables correct operation (fill level) to be identified at a greater distance.

Moreover error states can be rapidly and reliably diagnosed with the aid of the 2x7-segment display and 3 status LEDs.

As output there is a 4mA .. 20 mA signal for loads up to 500 Ohm available.

Technical basic equipment

      • DU-3 indicator with display for up to 16 probes
      • DU-3 indicator with display for 17 to 32 probes
      • Top-hat rail adapter for DU-3
      • Bus connecting cable of required length

Available (optional) versions

DU-3          one row LED-display up to 16 probes
                   two rows LED-display 17 to 32 probes

DU-3-XL     large display up to 12 probes

DU-3-XXL   super large for 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 probes (modular)