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Sample cooler IGEMA SC32-SC132

Application and function

IGEMA sample coolers are used for the manual taking of water samples for analysis purposes. They cool the sample water down to the ambient temperature.

The sample temperature is determined by the ratio of the volume of cooling water to that of the sample water volume.

The sampling pipe (1) must be flushed for an appropriate period. To this end, first the cooling water valve (2a) is opened and then the sampling valve (1a) is slowly opened until the cooled medium flows out of the sample outlet (5).

After the sample taking process is completed, the sampling valve (customer side) must first be closed and then the cooling water valve (2a) closed.

Technical basic equipment

Housing with built-in cooling hose including support and funnel (4), with the following parts connected:

  • Sample intake (1) sampling valve (supply by customer)
  • Cooling water intake (2) with cooling water valve (2a)
  • Drainage connection (3)
  • Sample outlet (5) with thermometer unit (5a)
  • Funnel to take a measuring jug (4)