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Blow down valve type KAVx R1-N

Application and function

The valve is used to blow down and / or to drain steam boilers. The conception of the valve enables a fast opening necessary for the blowing down. This fast opening causes a suction in the boiler whereby deposits and possible solids are flushed out of the boiler.

Technical basic equipment

  • KAV1 R1-N Blow-down valve with handlever.; A later equipment with pneumatic actuator is possible without problems.
  • KAV2 R1-N Blow-down valve with pneumatic actuator for automatic blowing down in connection with the program-controlled IGEMA magnetic valve type PGM
  • Construction as globe valve with flange connection or welding end according to DIN
  • Quick closing mechanism for fast closing and opening
  • Adjustable stuffing box
  • Clamp-in valve seat
  • Possibility to lock the valve manually in open position
  • Possibility to operate the pneumatic actuator with the control media air or water
  • Materials:
    • pressure holding parts: steel for high-temperature service
    • Spindle, seat and cone: stainless steel
    • Yoke: carbon steel
    • Lever: carbon steel

Available (optional) versions

  • Other process connections as per DIN or ANSI on request