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Offboard diagnostic System ODS

for trailers & towed machines

Application and function

The IGEMA offboard diagnostic system ODS was developed as an intelligent, compact and mobile test and diagnostic system for towed vehicles (trailers, agricultural machinery). 

With the ODS system, not only the usual light tests can be carried out, but also real vehicle diagnoses with the checking and documentation of all technical data. The system does not require a power supply from the towing vehicle. This is ensured by the light but very powerful Li-ion exchangeable batteries.

The ODS system is integrated in a small robust and compact outdoor case and can therefore be used in all weather conditions. On the outside of the case there are sockets according to ISO 7638 as well as a socket according to ISO 12098 for controlling the 24V lighting, a socket according to ISO 11446 for controlling the 12V lighting. 

All functions of the IGEMA ODS system can be conveniently and comfortably operated and visualised via a smartphone app. This allows the operator to move around the vehicle independently of the case and carry out a visual inspection during the analysis.

Different to all other test cases available on the market, the CAN bus connection to the vehicle, which is designed in accordance with ISO 11992, allows access to the fault memory of installed ECUs, enabling comprehensive vehicle diagnosis to be carried out. Individual manufacturer functions can be checked via the free assignable pins of the ISO 12098 socket with defined signals. In addition, it is possible to read out the EBS22 to EBS25 information. 

Integrated in the ODS app is a structured test report via which the vehicle data and results of the analysis can be reliably documented. 

Technical basic equipment

- Outdoor case
- Sockets according to ISO 7638
- Socket according to ISO 12098 for controlling the 24V lighting
- Socket according to ISO 11446 for controlling 12V lighting
- ODS app for Android operating systems; an iOS app is planned