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Brake test system BTU

for trailers with pneumatic brake test system

Application and function


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The IGEMA brake test system BTU (Brake Test Unit) was developed for the brake test of trailers with pneumatic brake system. The BTU is used by technical experts, inspectors and manufacturers for the assessment of vehicle brakes during dynamic driving tests.

The basis and technical standard for the dynamic brake test are the currently valid guidelines and regulations. In particular, the ECE Regulation No. 13 for vehicles of category O (trailer) with compressed air brake systems, or vehicles of the categories R and S with reference to the DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2015 / 68.

In accordance with the above-mentioned guidelines and regulations the BTU allows a sole control of the service brake system in the pulled vehicle. The mean brake deceleration in the range of 80% to 10% of the reference speed is determined in consideration of the moved vehicle mass.

  • The BTU allows to reproduce every measurement, as intelligent control electronics ensure optimum control behavior for the trailer‘s braking system, even during pressure fluctuations within the pressure supply.
  • Compared to alternative methods, manual readjustment of the pressure via the pressure reducer on the trailer is no longer necessary.



  • Fast installation, easy operation
  • High reproducibility of the measurement
  • Robust and resistant to extreme weather conditions


Brake test BTU operation

Image Brake test BTU operation

  1. The control unit / handheld can set a brake pressure between 0 and 800 kPa in steps of 10 kPa from the driver‘s cab, which is selectively directed into the brake system of the trailer via the BTU‘s pneumatic unit. The precise control electronics of the BTU always keep a constant pressure in the brake system at the preset target pressure-level - independent of the brake pressure of the towing vehicle, which is released during the brake test. The vehicle is slowed down only by the brake line of the trailer.
  2. With the initiation of the braking, a trigger signal is simultaneously sent to a high-precision GPS measuring unit “Sensorbox”, which records the braking distance and stores it in a data memory


The IGEMA brake test system has a technical certificate from TÜV-Nord and a CE declaration of conformity.



Technical data


Spannung 12–24 V DC
Leistung 33 W
Max. Betriebsdruck 1000 kPa