Generation change in the Classic model series


Generation change in the Classic model series

As of 1st September 2016, both the low water and high water level limiters as well as the capacitive level control is to be replaced by the successor generation. The production of the older versions will therefore be stopped entirely.

 Attention: The products SMLC1, LMC1 and SMHC1 as well as EC6 and DLT1 have therefore limited availability.

In the field of water level limiting all the new generation evaluators, communicate with the existing level electrodes. Thus, replacement of the electrode itself is not required. Only in the field of capacitive level control the evaluator and electrode have to be replaced due to conceptual reasons.


Water level limiter

Low water level limiter: SMLC1 → SMHC2

High water level limiter: SMHC1 → SMHC2

The low water level limiter with simple design LMC1 (no self-monitoring) will, in future be available as LMC2.


Capacitive Level Controller

Capacitive level controller: DLT1 → DLT2

Capacitive level electrode: EC6 → EC8

EC8 and DLT2 correspond to the pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU.

Datasheets, PED certificates and SIL certificates can be downloaded on our webpage.

Prices and further information are available on request. Please address your respective salesperson.


Advantages of the new generation at a glance


  • SIL3-certificate

  • PED-model test

  • 100% exchange-compatible with the predecessors

EC8 und DLT2

  • Optimized display for level and error  indication

  • Simplified programming of the level from 0 to 100%

  • Interference-free signal transmission from electrode to evaluator