Expanding market position in India


Expanding market position in India

IGEMA India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of IGEMA GmbH in Pune since July2014, has become well-established in the Indian market. Despite bureaucratic obstacles and low price levels, turnover increases continuously for IGEMA quality products.

The new Indian government challenges and promotes domestic production in India (Make in India). Thus, IGEMA works closely together with Indian partners and develops and produces products for the Indian market. Not only demands in India, but in many other Asian countries will be met by these products from India without compromising the high German quality standards.

First series of the Indian Products have already been manufactured successfully with our Indian partners. In order to ensure high quality in the long term and in order to continuously optimize the processes, extensive Training was carried out on site. Obviously, specialists from our plant in Germany do support and supervise the Indian plant as well. At the end of April 2016, our Managing Director Erich Kilchert and the responsible technical manager Rudolf Brummer have convinced themselves of the plants high quality standard during their trip to India.

To conclude, the results of this partnership are so good and promising, that all partners are planning to invest even more in new, powerful machines and devices.