Pioneering spirit in Iran


Pioneering spirit in Iran

For the first time after the sanctions were lifted in Iran, European companies were represented at this year’s Iran Oil Show.

The IGEMA GmbH presented its products at the three-day event from 05th – 08th May in Teheran and is pleased to announce the establishment of our partnership with Pars Akam Energy. Together with this new Iranian sales partner, the managing director Erich Kilchert and the salesman Stefan Tourné led promising discussions with representatives of large Iranian companies. It became clear, that the local industry faces a huge backlog of western technology due to years or sanctions. Made in Germany is still the epitome for quality and performance in the Iranian economy.

Overall the Iran Oil Show was characterized by a strong pioneering spirit. IGEMA anticipates a promising development in the near future and is determined to open up the Iranian market with the strong and motivated local sales partner.