NEW: IGEMA MultiControl



Just connect and go

IGEMA develops multifunctional control units on the plug-and-play principle


Multifunctionality, cost-effectiveness and European safety standards were in the foreground during development of the new IGEMA MultiControl series for the monitoring of steam boilers. The result is a compact control unit with a very favourable cost/benefit ratio that is extremely easy to install. Only two connection pieces are needed on the steam boiler to connect the control unit and get it functioning. In the end, it's a question of individual expectations for quality and safety, as well as budget, that determine which equipment components of the many optional variations should be used.

The customer benefits from time savings during installation, since the entire display and control systems are preconfigured at the factory, ready to install. This saves time-consuming installation of the individual components and their configuration. Possible error sources are also largely eliminated in advance, thus ensuring safe operation.

The control unit was developed primarily for markets that operate their systems according to the ASME code, but it can also be used in many countries that work to the European standard. In Germany, it can be used in systems with continuous supervision.

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