NEW: IGEMA SmartLine



Intelligent boiler monitoring with system

IGEMA SmartLine debuts as a monitoring system with a future


The new IGEMA SmartLine represents consistent further development of the successful analogue control technology. In it, a new electronic concept comes to the market that combines digital CAN bus technology with a compact and modular design of the probe and electronics. Further advantages are the time and cost saving retrofit possibility from analogue to digital technology, the TÜV tested, high safety level according to SIL3 and simple programming and functional monitoring directly at the evaluator (transmitter). The system consists of controllers (SmartControl) and limiters (SmartLimiter).

The electronics for the preliminary evaluation of signals have been built directly into the shaft of the probe. The probes have an extremely slim construction and also work reliably at high ambient temperatures. Since they have no projecting housing on the head of the probe, they are quick and easy to install: Up to three probes can fit into a single flange. Due to the maximum retention of the installation dimensions of the probe and evaluator together with the improved wiring, IGEMA can offer its customers the option of upgrading their systems from analogue technology to digital bus technology at reasonable costs.

Data communication with the evaluators is well-protected from external interference. The evaluation unit is also compact in design and has a three-digit 7-segment display allowing easy programming directly on the device. Stored error codes allow faults to be corrected quickly and efficiently. Of course, the display can also be used to directly read off the operating status.

The entire electronics have a simple, modular architecture that permits almost any expansion: Multiple probes with different functions can be combined together. The SmartLine is preconfigured at the factory so that the probes only have to be registered in the system by serial number - and the respective function is already guaranteed.

The highest possible TÜV-tested SIL3 safety standard for limiters was particularly important for the IGEMA engineers. IGEMA products are moreover generally manufactured to the European Pressurised Equipment Directive 97/23 EC and according to current standards for the operation of steam boiler systems (DIN EN 12952-11, DIN EN12953-9, AD 2000, ASME Boilers, TRD).

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