Liquid level indication - as clear and economical as never before!


Liquid level indication - as clear and economical as never before!

IGEMA LED illumination has been specially developed for use in high ambient temperatures. Therefore exclusively high temperature-resistant materials and components are used.

They are very long-lasting, robust and insensitive to vibration and enable a clear separation between water and steam spaces. Because of the luminescence of the LEDs the video transfer supplies reliable images to the switch room for reliable remote monitoring.

The low energy use of IGEMA LED illumination is its attraction. It is therefore very economical and at the same time protects the environment.

The LED illumination devices can be retrofitted to existing IGEMA gauges and thus improve the safety of your system without great investment of cost or time.

IGEMA switch box

By the installation and appropriate components an IGEMA switch box enables the quick and easy installation of up to six IGEMA illumination devices.

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