IGEMA now represented in Romania


IGEMA now represented in Romania

Founded in 1992, IMATEC SRL is a 100% private company, being an active presence on the Romanian market of the industrial processes automation field.

Initially focused on the distribution and implementation of measuring and control instruments, IMATEC has extended its portfolio including some of the most reliable and modern technologies on the emission monitoring field.

The technical solutions that they offer to their customers, either in the field of process parameters measurement, either in the emission monitoring applications, are based on their own gained experience, but also on their partners advanced technologies, support and participation.

IMATEC is a company customer oriented, we offer to our customer’s long term support and cooperation after delivery.

With every developed project IMATEC has gained and built its experience, but also its constant customer and market. They are pride to cooperate for many years with most reliable operators on the chemical, petrochemical industries and also with most of the Romanian power plants.


The main range of services includes:

  • Application support
  • System engineering
  • Systems integration
  • Technical assistance on mounting and start up
  • Support after sales
  • Training for the end user



Aleea Tineretului Nr. 684

Banesti Jud Prahova


Tel : +40 216 272 589

Fax: +40 31 409 07 97

Email: office@imatec.ro