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The times are changing…

Energy conservation is no longer optional. In the foreseeable future, the increasing cost of primary energy sources alone, even without the very real prospect of regulatory intervention, requires innovative approaches to ensure profitable and sustainable operation.

Steam systems are prime candidates for serious energy savings. With increasing energy costs, the reducing payback periods for energy conservation measures become the impetus for plant upgrades and modifications.
Thermgard has decades of experience in steam and condensate systems. Heat recovery has always been a major focus of their activities.

In the boiler house Thermgards experience includes boiler water level control, TDS (total dissolved solids) control with heat recovery from boiler blowdown, monitoring of condensate return for oil or chemical contamination, provision of deaerators and feedwater tank systems, high pressure sample cooling and conditioning, to name a few.
Their direct-contact flue gas heat recovery system offers the prospect for fuel input reduction of 10 - 15%.
Through Thermgards partnership with Exhausto USA, they can now offer complete packages including the draft controls which provide for additional combustion efficiencies.

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