Liquid level display - as clear and cost-effective as never before


Safety at first glance

The new modular LED light sets standards for reading the liquid level of steam boilers. The lighting device for the IGEMA two-colour display provides maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. The brilliant continuous light of the LED produces high contrast and allows a clear separation of water area and steam area by day and at night.

In addition the modules - particularly compared with halogen lamps - impress with their enormous life cycle reliability, low energy usage and high robustness. And they are easy to install; existing indicators can be retrofitted with no problem. For large visible lengths several modules are simply connected in series.

An intelligent solution - not only at first glance.

Eight advantages that make sense:

  • 20 times the light compared with halogen lamps
  • 50 per cent less energy usage compared with halogen lamps
  • quick and easy to install
  • maintenance-free
  • high contrast
  • sideways reading possible
  • no burning-in on glass surfaces because of low thermal radiation
  • insensitive to vibrations, jarring and frequent switching

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