Requirements for equipment for the boiler

(up to PS = 32 bar) with SIL (HW) and continuous controlling

  Function  Device SIL
Continuous TDS controlling
  Controller FARB2 Yes
  Probe EL22  
  Tee piece T-Stück  
  electrical controlled TDS Valve ASV2  
Self-monitoring LLW Limiting
  LLW Limiter SMLC2 (SIL3) Yes
  LLW Limiter SMLC2 (SIL3) Yes
  LLW probe EL 030  
  LLW probe EL 030  
Self-monitoring HHW Limiting
  HHW Limiter SMHC 2 ( SIL3) Yes
  HHW Probe EL 040  
  Multi rod probe for LLW / HHW MS 015 A  
  (replaces 1 × EL030 and 1 × EL040)    
Continuous Level Controlling
  Level transmitter DLT2 No
  continuous level probe EC 8  
Automatic Blow Down
  pneumatic actuated Blow Down Valve    
  DN 25/ PN 40 KAV2  
  DN 32/ PN40 KAV2  
  DN 40/ PN 40 KAV2  
  DN 50/ PN 40 KAV2  
  time-controlled magnetic valve PGM 1  
Direct Water Level Gauge
  Reflexion Level Gauge   LG 40CS  
  A=  400  mm / E = 300 mm / Gr 8    
Sampling Radiator
  Completely stainless steel with cup and Thermometer SC 02  

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